Mini Polished Smoky Citrine Double-Terminated Points

Citrine is one of the only stones which dissipates negative energy, and never requires cleansing or clearing. Warm energy, promotes optimism, attracts abundance, Activates third chakra. Enhances body's healing energies.

Mine opened in October, 2016 in the amethyst fields of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Analysis revealed the unusual color is due to the citrine's growth occurring in a layer of earth where gamma radiation is present.  This combined with the heat and pressure created the yellow/green coloration.  Further intrusion of oxides during the growth cycle produced the phantoms and smoky patterns within the citrine.

Citrine is SiO2 and is yellow, yellow-green and yellow-orange in color.  It's luster is vitreous and since it is a variety of quartz has the Mohs hardness of 7.  We will select "best of lot".  Sizes are from 1.5 to 2.5 inches in length.

$ 14.00

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