"Glow" Stones

A naturally luminescent stone. Place under a light to ‘charge’ the pebble and the put it in a dark space and it will glow for hours. This unique pebble contains yttrium, #39 on atomic scale which is a rare earth element. The luminescence is from an organic structure locked in the stone. This mineral comes from South Africa

This mineral was submitted to the Zhong Jjian Kuang Jade Jewelry Appraiser Center in Lianyungang, Jiangsu, China for evaluation. Although they could not identified all the minerals in the stone, they did deem it a natural stone made of particular mineral or minerals without enhancements.  Their tests concluded it is a authentic stone and not man-made material. Since the appraisers are not certain what stone it is, they are not able to give it a certification.  It has also been tested for radioactivity by the University of Cincinnati Geology Department using the thermoluminescent dosimeter and found not to be radioactive.  

We will select "best of lot".  Approximately one inch in length.

$ 16.00

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