Elestial Quartz

An enhydro smoky quartz beauty with a very easy to see water bubble in the left nose of this specimen.  It comes with the wood base to make a splendid decoration piece.  This is a well defined large nugget specimen that shows very well with a light behind it.  Weighs 4+ pounds with base.  Just under 6" on the stand  by 7.5" x 3

"Elestial Quartz" ("heavenly quartz") is a term that is often used as a synonym of "Jacaré Quartz", (also known as Crocodile or Alligator Quartz). This quartz is from Minas Gerais, Brazil.
Most elestial quartz shows parallel grown small scepters, some show skeleton quartz, some single scepters that grew sideways, and some show forms in between these, like skeletized scepters. What really counts is the overall visual appearance. The term “Elestial” is somewhat fuzzy but an idealized definition might be: elestial quartz is a quartz that has small crystals grown on the rhombohedral faces of a greater crystal. Since the smaller crystals grew as a continuation of the crystal lattice of the underlying greater crystal, their rhombohedral faces are all oriented in parallel. In a sense, it is a multiple scepter quartz. As some people seem to get it wrong, it should be stressed that such a pattern cannot be caused solely by natural etching of a crystal, it is a growth form. However, such a growth could be triggered by the surface structure of a formerly etched underlying crystal.

$ 430.00

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