Blue Fluorite

What is Bingham Blue Fluorite and what its properties are?
First a little geologic history; Fluorite is isometric in structure and a 4 on the mohs hardness scale so it’s pretty soft as gem stones go.  This fluorite is minded in Bingham NM at the Blanchard mine and while the color blue is common in fluorite, the Blanchard mine is famous for its vitreous blue luster.
It is beautiful just sitting around on a shelf or desk, but when you hold it up to the sky or light and it really comes alive with color!  You’ll immediately see rich blue colors and feel warmth radiating from this mineral.  Blue Fluorite is great for bringing order to your thoughts and their sequence.  It emits a calm energy directed towards the intended place and helps with clear and concise communication.   A stone for the Third Eye and throat chakra.
Please do not leave your fluorite in direct sunlight as the brilliant color will fade.
Specimen may vary in size, color and shape.


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